Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I can't believe its been a month!

For those who read this sorry for the delay in things. It was a crazy month with oral surgery, work, and trying to do photography -- its been busy -- ohh and 2 kids 3 horses a missing dog and bla bla bla....

Well I did a couple weddings -- I think things went well but it just taught me I need more experience! While I want to get out there more and more I don't want to give away too much you know... and lose money... Trying to do a few paid jobs and a few non paid for friends and freecyclers -- will see how that goes.

Also trying to catch up on my scrapping stuff--I dropped from swaps last month so i had the time to teach. I had a lot of fun making things for christmas gifts. So far I have a few things done.

I am still going to do the glue review but that might have to wait for a couple more weeks until I can get things sorted out. I will let you know when :)

Thanks for reading -- oh and check out my photowebsite -- www.alleventphotography.com


Monday, September 3, 2007

Bought it!

Well I decided to get a Canon XTi - 10.1 MP wooo hoooo!!! I am learning so much about camera usage! Like so many things I didn't know before saturday and it just looked like aphabet soup! I wonder if anyone reads this LOL!
I am going to call tomorrow and see if I can get togather with him some time this week maybe get a loaner camera from him to get comphy with until I get my own. I am soooooo excited! I will keep you updated on my training and progression :) I can't wait!

Well i haven't got any scrapping done. I am pulling out of some swaps because I want to focus on my training and some scrapping and time with my kids as well as riding the horses and getting the house ready for winter and cleaned! I hope to get some real good scrapping done too.

Well thats all for now folks
Look for glue review soon!


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Got much to tell!

Well I had decided a few weeks ago I wanted to look into training for an event photographer. So 5 days ago, I looked at job service ND and found a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. It said experience necessary but I called anyway. The Lead Photographer said I could come and watch and learn while he shoots a wedding yesterday. So I did :) I really had fun learning and can't wait to do it more! I am looking at getting a Canon Rebel XT -- they have pkgs on ebay for like $650 ahhh times up gota go will edit more later

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

adhesives reviewed a little

1st let me just say -- it was expensive getting my truck fixed!! Now on to the good stuff LOL

Ok i got my ATG gun today -- a learning curve is necessary LOL I messed up 2 photo mats before getting it -- ok actually I took a break from it and used one of my ms elizabeth tape runners while I was cooling off LOL

ok the ms elizabeths tape runner seems the exact same as the 3L EZ runner -- the red or pink ones from HL that are about $5 ea. The EZ runner has 10' more than the ME runner but the width is the same. So if you buy 2 of the ME runners you will have almost 33 ft and if you get the other 1/2 off you will spend about $2.50 and only have 26 ft. Soooooo with that said, time to check our local Dollar Tree for these tape runners. They had them in Bemidji and DL so lets hope :)

Back to my ATG gun. So far so good--wow that stuff is sticky! Once its down its down so you better make sure you have it in the right spot! However you can't go wrong with the price of the tape I found it for $2.71 for the 1/4 x 36 yards = 108 feet! it was $5.81 to ship and i bought 6 so it was almost 3.70 ea shipping included -- broke down about 3 cents a foot! isn't that crazy? The one from the $ store is 6.25 cents a foot. so this is a better deal with the shipping and I think it would stick down ANYTHING!!!

Well enough blabbing :) I have two new glue pens tonight that my husband picked up, will do those and get back to you sometime this week.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Well Much has happened since my last post. I am almost done with my wedding album that is going to be a gift. 1 down 2 to go LOL! I have also had to drop my truck off at the tranny shop to be worked on AGAIN!!!

But on the plus side I got to spend some time with my aunt and uncle in Blackduck, Mn where my kids enjoyed their fst boat ride! They loved it! It got to be too cold out so then they got a little whiney but they enjoyed it and then slept like rocks!! I t ook in a local horse auction where I was appauled at the prices and wanted really badly to bring this little filly home. She was Lot 1- a weinling born in may, cutest little thing, rippling in muscles! Beautiful red roan! ohh well figured with the tranny and the drive to come back for her, hubby would have dis-approved LOL so thats alright I guess. I hope she got a good home! SOme one got a steal on her for only $100!!!

Anyway i wil be getting my 1st UHU sample soon! Will be telling you all about it after I get it!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today I created a blog

I have done so much online the thought of starting a blog, never crossed my mind! However I was told if I got one, I could sample some adhesives free so here goes. The more I thought of it the more I like the idea :) Now I just have to figure out how to add images and stuff of the things I do. As some of you may know, I am a co-owner and teacher (when life allows) at SBC (online group) and we teach scrapbooking techniques and more! Its a great group of gals, more like family already. Sooo of course I will be posting things that I make and teach from there. I am also a CS'er so I will post from there. Of course I have kids, dogs, horses, and a husband -- will post about them too. Like right now... Got to Ride Lucky today. Decided that after he had a bad attitude this morning then decided to bust out and go for a stroll down the road this afternoon! They musta known i was sleeping LOL. It was a great ride, short but good and funny. My hubby even rode -- for about 5 min LOL -- not his cup of tea but he looked good on a horse. Then I came in and worked with my CR mat for a little while -- (craft robo) and it didn't work out very well -- used the wrong adhesive -- time wasted -- now at work :( oh well gotta make a living i guess LOL

Well back to work, will post more tomorrow.